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Tourist complains about crowded visa office, shoddy treatment by Thailand

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6 minutes ago, Wongkitlo said:

The government offered that as a reason but what does showing what hotel you are living in do to help anything? It is easy to go to a hotel, get a tm30 report, go to immigration and then leave and go somewhere else and do whatever you want. Having a person turn up at immigration and show pictures of their hotel is not going to prove anything. Same with bringing a landlord. People often sign a lease and then disappear after a month or two. I don't think someone on overstay is going to go anywhere near immigration so how do their procedures help stopping that? I understand even Thais can't get work at the moment so where is all this illegal work? Anyway what is more important? People's health and wellbeing or a few people on overstay or working illegally.

Hotels have to keep records of their guests though, by law. Although an old friend lived in a hotel for 14 years & still had to do his 90 days etc.

Part of why Air B & B has been a contentious issue. If someone is staying at a place for less than 30 days (I think), the place has to be registered as a hotel.

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28 minutes ago, jak2002003 said:

Yes that is true, but your Thai ladies will not be having to go to immigration every 90 days for the rest of their lives, or each year to renew their visa, with a constantly changing and seeming endless list of documents and copies of stuff that is not needs as the info is all on immigration computer anyway. 


The good ladies would also not be crammed up in over crowded hot immigration offices for hours on end when there is a serious disease outbreak when people are supposed to be staying at home and also using social distancing to prevent the spread of a deadly virus.  I suspect they don't have to take their landlords and property owners along with them either, or photos of themselves outside, and inside their home.  



Why do you have to go to to the office every 90 days,post it,do online,or use an agent,try using a bit of initiative.

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