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Invest Into Rubber Or Not!

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I have been working for a company in Agriculture in Isaarn for 7 years growing potatoes and corn. Each yr I see more and more falung coming into Udon which have flittered away 3-5 million baht in a house, car, motorbike, computers, buffalos........etc etc. Then I realised the company I am working for can easily purchase large blcoks of land, and then sub-divide them for rubber plantations. Then the investor can sub-contract my company to clear, plant, maintain the plantation...........

I know that I can fertilize and maintain the tree's professionally, but the question is what yield are we really looking at........from my research thai national average is about 280 kg/rai/year (this is taking into account old clones that are still in production and therefore brings the average down). But other peolpe are claiming 4-10kg /tree/yr or about 360-900kg/rai/yr. Is this TRUE!!!

Anyway at the low end or the high end it is still a good investment your thoughts please.

I am interested on comments on the website aswell


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