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152 Thai returnees who refused to be quarantined told to report to officials by 6pm

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7 minutes ago, Olmate said:

Oz government let 2700 off one ship,now that’s stupid!

Yes and they are still looking for the pests.

They will not let that happen again though. Well I would think not.

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Too late..they should have never let them leave the airport. Half of them are already back in the province

Will claim that they are too busy, but promise to report as soon as a slot in the diary becomes free...

Turn the fearsome BMW smart car loose...and bring the full weight of the invincible Biometric system to bear on these unruly scallywags.    

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7 hours ago, Oziex1 said:

Was a simple temperature test done on any of these people?

Apparently they had some kind of medical certificate to fly.


i saw that some fishermen from Trang were quarantined after returning from Malaysia, they all agreed and were given a 2 man tent on a tarmac road. 

The government has demonstrated it can’t organise any acceptable and humane kind of quarantine, no wonder all hell broke loose and they stormed off.

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8 hours ago, rooster59 said:

“This is an urgent matter. If the 152 returnees do not act as stipulated in the government’s emergency decree, they will be in violation of the law,” he said

You've got their information at the airport, give the addresses to the local police who will go round them up!!!

It's not a case of "will be in violation" there already are when the bunked off" !!!!!!

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5 hours ago, rooster59 said:

Some passengers reportedly had fever but left the airport, defying quarantine orders.

So how exactly did these people with a fever manage to get away, or even get on the flight in the first place?????

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4 hours ago, sjaak327 said:

there aren't many countries that are issuing arrest warrants for people that were suddenly forced to go into quarantine in another place as their own home. Pray tell, why the urgency now ? Why not two months ago, when it could actually have made a difference. I suspect this remark will go right over your head...

Apparently you have noticed that a lot of the new cases are coming from both Thais and Foreigners that have returned to Thailand from foreign countries. These are the ones that are continuing the spread of the virus

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What happened to this report.

Four-hour airport standoff ends with Thai returnees agreeing on quarantine




The 166 Thais who had flown home from overseas on Friday night (April 3) gave up their resistance and agreed to go to quarantine facilities in Chonburi’s Sattahip district, Nation TV reporters said from Suvarnabhumi Airport on Saturday (April 4).

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So now the Govt has to waste time & resources to track where & who they have been with 

in the last 24 hours or so,,,,,, 10,000 Bht fine for them all

Or has law & order totally broken down.

Thais see this & say, "see we can do what we want" 

If Farangs had done this ?????????

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5 hours ago, Olmate said:

Oz government let 2700 off one ship,now that’s stupid!

Wrong, not the government the captain lied and reported no ill people with symptoms

the Australian government is taking criminal action against that company. 


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