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Jonathan Fairfield

Covid-19 death rate in Thailand averages 0.97 per cent

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5 minutes ago, cornishcarlos said:


The actual mortality rate is even lower, as there are guaranteed to be a lot more un-diagnosed cases out there...

Yes half that. Maybe less.



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There are different strains around of Covid , 1 being more deadly then the other . Many countries in Europe seem to have the more deadly strain , since death rate Spain / Italy / France / Belgium / Netherlands / UK / ...  now around 10% . While others in Europe ( and world ) got very low death rate . I take Europe as example since all countries next to each other , and healthcare / counting / measures taken are more or less same ( yes i know , not all the same ) . Is this the case also i Thailand , idk , but i expect it is like that , otherwise the hospitals would already be overwhelmed or have deaths everywhere , even if they not counted as Covid .

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