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Governors put on alert for tougher measures to contain Covid-19

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If there is a curfew, it will only be for the rest of non-essential businesses that are open such as offices and non food / medical related stores.


Factories may be able to operate if they are related to essential service such as food / medical related.

Gas stations may be able to open.


I think majority of the factory can still continue to open (again this is just my opinion). Once you close down the crowded areas that uses public transport, it will drastically reduce the cases. Factories will close as a last resort as its the last life line of Thailand, if factories close all the low income workers will be out of work - not to mention the hundreds of thousands of migrant workers.


So I think only offices will close for the next step of curfew.

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The worse is yet to come. Like them or not, we need to support whatever actions they deem necessary. Not too difficult to do.

As of yesterday, Thailand has done 25,000 tests.   Italy had done 691,000 tests.   The true picture of this tragedy is yet to be seen.   Source worldometers.info  

i don't understand why all those measures are neccasary, when Thailand coronavirus cases are not growing exponentialy and there are not many  death cases. it's only 100-150 cases a day,

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10 hours ago, SCOTT FITZGERSLD said:

you don't have to believe any numbers, you just have to go to any

thai hospital and see if it looks like a corona outbreak hospital.

there is no way to hide or deny when the outbreak happans.

the hospitals are just full of people coughing and acctually dying everywhere.

people cough blood and fall dead in the streets, shops, offices.

this is happaning right now in new york.

this is what happaned in wuhan china (only when it allready happaned, 

the chinese governemt started to act).

and this is NOT happaning in thailand. 

maybe the weather? maybe the good spirits? maybe another lighter mutation

of the virus?

let's just hope and pray it will stay this way, and go away in may.

My friend lives near the air base  at Utapao ! According to him the sky is heavy with helicopter traffic, in and around that area !

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What the rebuttal by the government in BKK tells me is that the Government will not impose a 24hr lockdown, that has already been delegated to provincial governors, read between the lines and it basically says ' watch what the BMA do ' take your lead from them, that way Prayut is in the clear, very clever eh 🙂  

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A post containing content that was copy and pasted from site and a reply has been removed:


14) You will not post any copyrighted material except as fair use laws apply (as in the case of news articles). Please only post a link, the headline and the first three sentences.

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How many people die in thailand each year? I'd say about 900 000. Even Italy's coronavirus death toll is small compared to Italy's overall yearly mortality. The assertion that you couldn't hide the covid deaths if they were in the hundreds or thousands is wrong. You could hide them because they would be a mere bump on the mortality baseline. This also puts things into perpective as to how apocalyptic this virus is.

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My problem with the original article is that the Government seems to be giving no TRUE documented guidance to the governors.  I see this as a problem as its very open to individual interpretation and enforcement.


IMHO - The government MUST provide very STRICT cohesive guidance to the governors and public.  This MUST include frequent public service announcements on ALL forms of media, followed by NO TOLERANCE enforcement for both foreigners AND Thais.  This must be done immediately by some one "at the top" with BALLS - not something that will languish in committee for days or weeks. 


Communicate folks - PLEASE!

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You don't want to be responsible for someone dying..


I saw a Hawai'ian Cowboy come out of the store w a Western bandana on his mug..

Stylish..My friend's Sister is making masks out of Silk in NY..People are leaving masks on trees in France..My Slovak ex said 'They'll pick You up (cops) for not wearing a Mask, $1,000 fine..In Hawaii, they arrested some guys for stopping on da beach, okay to Walk..Leave clothes in hot car to clean, or outside..Keep da viral load lower..I feel bad every time I come home from town.. don't drink or power da Sugar..(BBC story about Immune response..Time to enjoy that Kale smoothie..

Vitamins A & D³,along with selenium & Zinc, are ammunition for our Immune battle cells..

I lost a post from last night, so sorry for disjointed..I appreciate da Survivor(s) above..


PS, the comment about 100-150 getting sick is a sign of, hygiene, masks, youth, and good immune System response!


12 hours ago, Krataiboy said:

I love these "sock it to me harder, boss" posts. May I suggest that instead of bleating fruitlessly on ThaiVisa, you all sign a petition to the Thai government pleading for a 24 hour curfew and Martial law.


Oh, and while you're about it, lobby for mandatory vaccination of the entire population when Bill and Melinda deliver the goods.




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Bandana had a % instead of a 'b" I can't see what I typing!
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Oh, I always thought I would put some oil, or tea tree, melaleuca, in a mask to make it better if not an N-95

Olive will make a cloth filter smaller particles, and protect others from....You

Someone said to make it out of a bra..


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I googled expected Wine to be bad for immune system..

Turns out it's good!

Beer is like eating carbs I guess..

re: above..Our stores in Rural Hawaii are open 6 to 9 or 10pm..glad to hear it's the same there

As long as wearing masks, we can bunch up a little? No thanks,

We have Asian store managers standing watch over everyone..

Here's some good news

#1 trending on YouTube

Beautiful people sharing all that medical equipment..Aloooha



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As my post was loading, I saw something about testing..of course, finding out who da carriers are will flatten the curve.. quarrantine is a beautiful thing..learn to be with Yourself..and No One else..




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Plans? - Action Plans? - Prepared? - Ready?

Thai people will loose their minds, especially in the villages.

As a Thai person told me years ago, "I have to cheat you a little bit".

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