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Governors put on alert for tougher measures to contain Covid-19

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46 minutes ago, dlclark97 said:

In anticipation of further restrictions my wife and I went to Big C on Pattaya Kleang yesterday to stock up on a few necessities.  Getting there was no problem.  The store was well stocked.  Your temperature was scanned as you entered the facility and hand sanitizer was available at many locations.  However, patrons were seen in the Big C wearing their masks below their mouths and noses.  Employees should be advised to approach these persons and advise that the mask must be properly worn while in the store.  Other customers doing this could cause an unnecessary confrontation that might well get out of hand.  The only other problem we ran into yesterday is that my wife's supply of contact lenses and run out and every place that sold contact lenses was closed.  Stay well!   

People wearing masks on their mouth only or worse on their chin makes me lose faith in humanity. I want to slap every one of these people on the grounds they look like idiots let alone are doing nothing to protect themselves or others.

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The worse is yet to come. Like them or not, we need to support whatever actions they deem necessary. Not too difficult to do.

As of yesterday, Thailand has done 25,000 tests.   Italy had done 691,000 tests.   The true picture of this tragedy is yet to be seen.   Source worldometers.info  

i don't understand why all those measures are neccasary, when Thailand coronavirus cases are not growing exponentialy and there are not many  death cases. it's only 100-150 cases a day,

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13 minutes ago, Jenkins9039 said:

Completing work myself (extensions) - construction is allowed to continue, even in a full lockdown.

I was referring to builders at properties with labourers,if it’s your property and your doing it yourself,no one else will be there to spread the virus. You are already at home and don’t need to travel.Same as myself going into the garden to do some pruning or mow the grass or put the rubbish out.

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9 minutes ago, Saltire said:



I think the total cases of covid-19 are pretty accurate in Thailand. You only have to look at the rest of SEA to see low numbers. Wearing masks and a much warmer climate help a lot. 


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15 minutes ago, Rod the Sod said:

I go to a Hospital in Bangkok twice a week for ongoing Physio Treatment. For the last 4 weeks the Hospital has become emptier and emptier. No CV cases at all.

How can you tell if there are no covid19 cases?Just curious as how you can tell by just looking or if you have access to medical records?

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2 hours ago, SCOTT FITZGERSLD said:

you don't have to believe any numbers, you just have to go to any

thai hospital and see if it looks like a corona outbreak hospital.

there is no way to hide or deny when the outbreak happans.

the hospitals are just full of people coughing and acctually dying everywhere.

people cough blood and fall dead in the streets, shops, offices.

this is happaning right now in new york.

this is what happaned in wuhan china (only when it allready happaned, 

the chinese governemt started to act).

and this is NOT happaning in thailand. 

maybe the weather? maybe the good spirits? maybe another lighter mutation

of the virus?

let's just hope and pray it will stay this way, and go away in may.

How do you know for sure?

Have you been to a hospital?

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3 hours ago, scubascuba3 said:

I don't believe the 25k figure of tests, made up number i think to try to give the impression they are testing sufficiently

Exactly that.The same as the positive tests kept down not to create a panic

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Cant see a full lock down coming up should go the same way as the UK

You have to have a good reason for being out ie shopping ,working. Travelling ,Go to the bank and here especially Immigration for what ever reason

Something like 8am to 8pm 

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7 minutes ago, Max69xl said:

Really? 2,169 cases in a country with 69 million people in 77 provinces. Where is the emergency? Please tell us! 

Better to be proactive than reactive , horse ,stable door etc . Looking around the world this virus has caused devastation and is uncontrollable without lock-downs .   Social distancing does not work here .

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