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Koh Samui: You're surrounded! Brit hotel owner, Swiss DJ and Thai manageress all arrested after illegal party

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Hard to see what rules they were breaking. All hotel guests, nobody broke any curfew.   Presumably at 11pm the police were the only ones breaking the rules (out after curfew).

Was just about to say the same. If all were hotel guests then no law was broken.   There is no "party ban" and hotels have been given exclusions on keeping their bars/resturants open, for ho

Has the 'brown envelope' system been shut down too?  Or did someone forget to post it?

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Loving the sign in the background that says 'free shot'. Will really cushion the blow of the landing in jail and getting fined. 

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58 minutes ago, ezzra said:

As if defeating the dreaded virus is not hard enough and here comes all those dufuses who are bent on making things worse and foreighens no less that should know better...

But, But, it can not be true, I mean I have to make money, what do you mean I have to abide by laws.  I can do what I want, you can't tell me what to do.....what was I suppose to do, just sit home, and go without some fun, but tourists are here and they need to have a good time....what, that decree is for me as well, your kidding right.....

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