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PM Johnson moved to intensive care as COVID-19 symptoms worsen

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@Forethat @donnacha  Please guys, stop it. Concentrate on the news please It is rather important to some of us.    

I watched him outside no 10 clapping the NHS workers and he looked awful. So I’m not really surprised by this. I’m not a great fan but I wish him well.

Hopefully precautionary. All the best, Boris. 

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15 minutes ago, donnacha said:

Your trust in the official narrative, despite it changing every day, is touching.

So, what are you going to do tomorrow, when they reveal that, yes, he is on a ventilator?

Are you going to return to this thread and apologize, profusely, for failing to absorb what I have been saying clearly and repeatedly: that the news is being managed by drip-feeding a few details at a time, but that we can already logically deduce what is happening.

Of course you won't. You will disappear and pretend you never took the ridiculous position you are now so vehemently defending.

Next time, read my posts before commenting.


I wrote:


BJ could be on a ventilator. Or not. But the truth is you nothing about it. You don't know if he is. You don't know if he will be. Yet you claim to be certain he is.

To put it frank, the only thing certain is that you know nothing.



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Best of luck to Boris for a speedy recovery.

Here's a video explaining what happens when Covid 19 gets on your lungs and you get pneumonia, which seems to be what's happened.


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18 minutes ago, faraday said:

He was admitted to hospital to be given oxygen. That will have been administered via a nasal cannula, or a mask.


He is now in ICU, as his condition has worsened, & I very strongly suspect that he will be on a Ventilator soon.


If a patient is Ventilated & makes a normal recovery, they are not left with any brain damage or any other debililatating ailments caused by being intubated.


Boris is very ill, I fear the worst, I hope I'm wrong.


Lastly, stop the arguments. If you do post something, just stick to the facts.



I'm sorry, but in the name of facts it should be mentioned that there are numerous known side effects involved when mechanically ventilating someone. Mental dysfunction being one of them.


I mean, If we are to stick to the facts.


I'll point you in the right direction.



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45 minutes ago, Forethat said:

Admitted to an Intensive Care Unit and being put on a ventilator are two different things. Glad that you have now googled that so you can admit your error. 


He's still not on a ventilator.

A medical specialist quoted in the Mirror said it was “highly likely” that he would end up on a ventilator. I’m guessing that those who require oxygen at this stage of the illness swiftly progress to ventilation. I wish him well but I don’t think this looks good.

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4 minutes ago, faraday said:

Thank you for the information.


Your tone was unnecessary - you know exactly what I mean.



Yes, I know exactly what you mean. You meant that If a patient is "ventilated & makes a normal recovery, they are not left with any brain damage or any other debililatating ailments caused by being intubated."


But that's incorrect. There are severe risks and side effects involved with sedating the patient and the patient OFTEN experience cognitive dysfunctions. Often. Even at a fully restored breathing and early weaning there is a big chance of negative cognitive effects.

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