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PM Johnson moved to intensive care as COVID-19 symptoms worsen

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13 minutes ago, faraday said:



Can some of us please stop trying to be right, & less combative.


Please note my use of italics.


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@Forethat @donnacha  Please guys, stop it. Concentrate on the news please It is rather important to some of us.    

I watched him outside no 10 clapping the NHS workers and he looked awful. So I’m not really surprised by this. I’m not a great fan but I wish him well.

Hopefully precautionary. All the best, Boris. 

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7 minutes ago, stupidfarang said:

Time to stop with the tit for tat posts, agree to disagree and move on.

I was saying that hours ago, and was the only one to stand down, while he kept raving.

Now, simply because another member had the temerity to kindly praise my analysis, he fires it up again. He has little credibility but, if I am being unilaterally slandered, I have every right to point out how unhinged that behavior is.


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Some callous and controversial posts and replies have been removed. 


Some more tit for tat bickering posts and replies have been removed, if this session continues, members will be suspended to put a stop to this.  Now, back on topic please. 

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1 hour ago, bristolboy said:

Nice try at deflectin. It's true that sharecropper's comments were overly harsh. But clearly you are disregarding the crucial point. Despite the advice given by the experts, advice he had particular access to, he chose to go against their recommendations. Not only did he endanger himself, but by publicizing his foolish behavior, he undoubtedly encouraged partisans of himself to do likewise. How many additional people have endangered themselves because of his performance? He deserves to be condemned for his conduct. He does not deserve to die.

I completely agree, I was not trying to deflect anything.  I was trying to explain, that no matter what, and no matter how stupid people are, they are to be given medical treatment.  However, when a hospital facility is overrun and they have to use the triage method, then  and only then are people singles out and not given treatment so that others who are less critical can be given that treatment in order to save them instead of them getting to the next stage where they would be classified as non-treatable.  So nice try.....Was he ignorant and acting irresponsible, yes he was and yes he did.  Does he not deserve treatment and the use of a medical facility, Yes he does deserve treatment.  You (meaning anybody) may not like the man, but to wish someone ill will is just plain mean spirited.

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