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PM Johnson moved to intensive care as COVID-19 symptoms worsen

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7 minutes ago, Logosone said:

I read the first thread.


Donnacha correctly stated that Boris would be delivered to the ICU and that his situation was more serious than we all thought. This, before it was confirmed in the news.


This was purely on analytical insight. It was pretty impressive.

More like........ball.gif.41641c0a8bffc8ff4b15842854877bfd.gif

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@Forethat @donnacha  Please guys, stop it. Concentrate on the news please It is rather important to some of us.    

I watched him outside no 10 clapping the NHS workers and he looked awful. So I’m not really surprised by this. I’m not a great fan but I wish him well.

Hopefully precautionary. All the best, Boris. 

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I wish Boris no ill and hopes he makes a full recovery. However if his illness becomes drawn out and he is unable to resume his position as Prime Minister this does allow for the opportunity to finally get rid of Dominic Cummings.


I have never understood Boris’s blind loyalty to this odious individual and I suspect I am not the only person in the U.K., particularly in the government, who would also be pleased to see him gone.


In the meantime I extend my best wishes go to Boris, Carrie and there unborn child.

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27 minutes ago, Logosone said:

Would the hospital even disclose if Boris is on a ventilator?


Maybe they would keep that confidential.

Confidential medical information is none of our business.Boris may not have taken this virus seriously but the virus is taking Boris seriously.I just like the way he wears his hair.

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42 minutes ago, Forethat said:

This video is incorrect. She claims that when you're admitted to an ICU you've crashed and you're put on a ventilator. That is not true. You are brought to an ICU well before that so that your respiratory function as well as vital organs can be monitored and so that you can receive the care required in case your condition deteriorates. That CAN include a ventilator. I have previously posted stats here that shows the percentage of people admitted vs. patients put on a ventilator (or even admitted to an ICU).



Do you get accused of mansplaining much by chance?


heres the CV of the panelist, a respiratory  doctor looking after Covid patients 



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