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Special Report: Doctors embrace drug touted by Trump for COVID-19, without hard evidence it works

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7 minutes ago, rabas said:

"The drug in question, hydroxychloroquine, has been touted by some doctors overseas as being successful in treating symptoms and COVID-19 itself, but other studies have shown minimal evidence of its effectiveness. "


Your truthout.org ? article is already wrong at the top. Chloroquine has been studied in detail for 17 years since the SARS-1 outbreak as an antiviral. I bought my first batch 3 weeks before Trump's comment, after in depth study.  There were no negative comments about chloroquine until the MSM took aim at Trump. Now the world is so flooded with fake news that I must:


    google "<chloroquine info of interest> -Trump " or

    google "<chloroquine info of interest>" time= before Trump comment


to find accurate information. Good luck trying to find any truth from MSM or Russia.

Seems you know more than Fauci. Wonder why you aren’t on the WH podium instead of him. 

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1 minute ago, UbonThani said:
16 minutes ago, Crazy Alex said:

Hydroxychloroquine is a prescription drug. As such, they'd be taking it because a doctor prescribed it, not because Trump said so. Doctors are licensed.


All over the world

Overseas doctors dont listen to Trump

They look at the science

Thomas Dolby (initials TD) magically decades ago mirrored the future!


 - roll ahead to now; 

and DT can exclaim that:  '... she blinded me-with science...'

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