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Special Report: Doctors embrace drug touted by Trump for COVID-19, without hard evidence it works

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Odd... normally, the usual suspects tell us to listen to the experts. Obviously, Trump did. But since Trump listened to experts and thinks the drug may help, the usual suspects jerk their knees and co

Because President Trump expressed this drug may be a treatment after being told about it by experts, and we all know how stupid he is, this shouldn't even be tried.  More deaths in America are good fo

Results of Doctors using Hydroxychloroquine or Chloroquine with and without Azithromycin and Zinc     February 17th 2020 China Officials from the Chinese Ministry of Science and Techno

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this information is given for educational purposes only. Drugs can have strong or harmful side effects so please don’t self prescribe. Use this info under Doctor supervision only.


For information on common usage, side effects and history of these drugs:


What is Chloroquine? See: https://medlineplus.gov/druginfo/meds/a682318.html


What is Hydroxychloroquine?


See: https://medlineplus.gov/druginfo/meds/a601240.html


What is the history of Chloroquine?


See: https://www.mmv.org/malaria-medicines/history-antimalarials

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5 hours ago, Crazy Alex said:

Odd... normally, the usual suspects tell us to listen to the experts. Obviously, Trump did. But since Trump listened to experts and thinks the drug may help, the usual suspects jerk their knees and complain. Pretty sad if one really thinks about it.

LOL - the 'experts' trump listens to concerning Covid include Giuliani and Kushner.






Actual medical exports claim there is not a clinically proven case to support the use of hydroxychloroquine, 


When asked if the drug was promising Friday, Fauci, standing next to Trump, said “the answer is no” because “the evidence you’re talking about … is anecdotal evidence.”

“The information that you’re referring to specifically is antecdotal,” he added. “It was not done in a controlled clinical trial. So you really can’t make any definitive statement about it.”





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6 hours ago, parafareno said:

so they will give this, plus 2 very strong antibiotics plus 2 aids drugs.....good luck surviving sideeffects...


please define "strong antibiotic" vs "weak antibiotic"

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2 hours ago, Das Boot said:

Well one thing is certain.  As a result of Trump spouting about the drug, with or without any scientific evidence of its efficacy.  There has been a nationwide run on the drug leaving long time users for malaria & Lupus unable to renew their prescriptions.  And now, the main supplier (40%) of the drug to the US (India) have banned all exports of the drug.  Their crisis is looming & they are conserving resources. So the drug is going to be even more difficult to source.  A president's comments carry a lot of weight & influence.  The ramifications can be profound and widespread.  They should be well considered, not just childish verbal diahorrea for self aggrandizement. 


and suppose an india company developed an excellent vaccine for covid 19, then trump must shut up and not mention it out of concern indian will ban exporting it?


superbly flawed logic

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5 minutes ago, Chiphigh said:

No evidence other than it has cured over 98 percent of the people who have received the drug. 


Reuters is always a good source of a liberal narrative. 


The lengths the left will go to to twist reality to spew this garbage is amazing. 


Keep it up, then you can have another 4 year term. 

You've done well with absorbing trump political propaganda - congrats. Another 'expert' contravening current actual medical specialists advisory.




A lot more clinical investigation needs to be done, not least interaction with other treatments a patient is receiving e.g. diabetes

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