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Special Report: Doctors embrace drug touted by Trump for COVID-19, without hard evidence it works

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1 hour ago, Chomper Higgot said:
1 hour ago, atyclb said:


hint;  many medicines are legally available without a prescription in thailand and many other countries.


hint; what they decided to do was based upon the consensus from thousands of doctors worldwide that are treating covid 19 patients


doctors themselves are advocating same for themselves and family members.




enjoy your antithetical critical thinking



Your first 'Hint', yes I know, but then are these particular medicines amongst those or are you speaking without knowing. 


Your second 'Hint'. I'm not at all sure on what basis you claim 'what they decided to do...'? Perhaps you can provide us with the evidence to back up your statement. 


I'm not at all sure what doctors are doing, and I'm not inclined to accept your word or that of any other stranger on the internet. 



obviously drugs spoken of in context of this thread/article


did post #9 on this thread mean anything to you?


ditto above

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10 hours ago, Tug said:

Let’s all hope it’s helping and not harming 

If patients think it will help, even if it doesn't really help, it still helps. It gives hope when there is none. The placebo effect can be powerful.

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Posted (edited)

This story mischaracterizes what was said - failing to mention that the best results in studies to-date came from using the a drug COMBINATION - cited in the French studies and by Trump - hydroxychloroquine PLUS Azithromycin (z-pac).   To write a story on hydroxychloroquine, without mentioning Azithromycin from the outset (not far down) does not make sense, unless the purpose is to mislead the reader.

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