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Special Report: Doctors embrace drug touted by Trump for COVID-19, without hard evidence it works

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6 hours ago, simple1 said:

LOL - the 'experts' trump listens to concerning Covid include Giuliani and Kushner.

This is a somewhat worthy tangent.  Kushner is neck-deep in this behind the scenes, and comes from a criminal family, who bought his way into Harvard (he's not very smart).  But I doubt even he would try something this stupid, given he knows the political-opposition will be picking it all apart - in real-time, and again later. 

So far, it appears his "group" are bringing in private persons on a volunteer basis, and much of the work is being donated, to avoid even the appearance of profiteering on this.  But anything that gets Kushner and Ivanka out of the Trump WH would be great news to me - exactly No One voted for them.

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Some posts using content from unapproved YouTube sources have been removed. 

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11 hours ago, J Town said:

There are some problems with this article:

1) hydroxychloroquine is a generic, any pharma can produce and supply it as a bulk API (active pharmaceutical ingredient). Here's ten for starters:



Here's two more:


No particular reason for Novartis to make much out of this.


2) The Novartis-Cohen contract expired in Feb 2018


3) (slightly postdating the Truthout revelations) Trump has pressured India for supplies of hydroxychloroquine:


How's that going to boost Novartis?


Incompetence looks a better explanation than corruption in this case: Trump just needs a quick fix/game changer to help him get re-elected, or at least offer hope to his constituency.

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1 minute ago, 3NUMBAS said:



what are the symptoms ?


What does asymptomatic mean, and can I still have coronavirus without symptoms?

  • Dan Keane


depending on ones immune system possible to asymptomatic or just mildly symptomatic.  you might say the very lucky ones are asymptomatic or just have mild symptoms.


the downside is potential to spread it if you feel fine.

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14 minutes ago, Crazy Alex said:

Hydroxychloroquine, frankly it appears leftists literally want more people to die. Governor Andy Cuomo even banned its outpatient use in New York.

Apparently that's to protect stocks for use in hospitals:



(Which may not make sense, because one factor obfuscating the effectiveness of the drug may be that it works far better started early, but it's a far cry from wanting people to die for political reasons...)

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