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Why aren't they closing down offices?

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7 hours ago, brain150 said:

Can I get a valid source for this please.

"known" and "confirmed" are strong words ... Known and confirmed by whom ?

With 60,000,000 people in Thailand and 2,600 cases in total it doesn't look like the virus is spreading like hellfire !

With about 45 people dying every hour in Thailand any day of the year every year the number of 27 deaths from Corona

does not look very high ... roughly about how many people die in Thailand every 30 minutes on any give day !!!


For anybody who likes numbers:

By the official numbers about 0.004% of the population are tested positive with a mortality rate of 1% !


I am aware of the Theory of unlimited exponential growth which is against all evidence ... unlimited growths just never happens in nature !!! 

It's a theory ... like most climate models that until now have never been even closely accurate !!!



You believe numbers from the Thai govt???

Until testing is done on a large scale we have no idea what is going on. 


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14 hours ago, michaeltheR said:

essential yes but in this day and age a lot of that can be done from home office

so what you go do, if something does not work in your rented condo ? or your internet fails or other similar things ,who could in present circumstances cut you of from light / water, and so a even more  uncomfortable situation is your part ….

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Getting real work done from home is a lot more difficult than it sounds.

You need to develop a very different set of habits and attitudes.

Even back here in Europe, I see that the vast majority of people suddenly thrown into working from home are handling it badly.

To put it mildly, I don't think the average Thai office worker would find it any easier, and I don't blame Thai bosses for having doubts about the whole idea.



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17 hours ago, kingstonkid said:

From what I gather the courts are still functioning. 


Amazes me that call centers are functioning worked in one and can tell you it is the worst place to work when it is cold season so really worst place t work for this. 


Then again I could not shop online if they were not open so what can yousay 

I did buy something online Friday but the delivery isn’t gonna arrive until tomorrow so we had to make a quick short trip to the mall yesterday but it went well. They’re doing a great job of keeping the crowds reduced. 

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