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When this is all over whats the first thing you will do?

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6 minutes ago, Assurancetourix said:

Living at the end of nowhere, my life has not changed an iota.
I will continue like this ..
Am going yesterday morning to my neighbor the hairdresser who made me a "military" cut for 40 baht

I'll be looking a bit like that my wife has some relatives in the army and he recommended the one they use they are in certain regiment where they have to do it every 2 weeks

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17 minutes ago, tonray said:

haircut and travel plans...maybe planning future escape routes should there be a whiff of future trouble brewing. Thai authorities basically hung expats out to dry during this crisis..both to the nation's and expats detriment. Never forget. While I am comfortable enough in a gated MooBaan, and fortunate to have time left on my permission to stay...perhaps an escape plan is necessary for next time now that we know there will be no help provided by immigration during crisis times

We never know I wouldn't want to leave Thailand if I had to then I now have 2 options in place and one is live with my ex MIL 

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