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Closure of Pattaya set to begin on Thursday 9 April

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But you will still need to queue up at immigration ...

I wonder if that is to stop possibly infected from coming in, or to stop us escaping.

Definitely a lock in.....100s and 100s of foreigners crammed into queues down at immigration over last 3 weeks....and then traveling back to their to their homes/ hotels scattered all over Pattaya....

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2 hours ago, KenKadz said:

3 Ways to Survive Under Martial Law - wikiHow

To survive under martial law, treat your new leaders with respect and obey their directions and orders. Be a friend to the regime by helping out military personnel and spreading information you have permission to disclose. To hide from the new government, stock a survival bunker with food, water, medicine, a radio, and other supplies.

Or get a fast ass mid to superbike & say See you!

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So Glad my gal heard this news at 1 pm today. Went to Macro & stocked up! the rest we can find in Bang Saray. there are still carts & some veggie vendors not sportin masks. The heat isn't that interested here, although they did shut down one of the markets in Nong Nooch. Hopefully enough hard supplies to skate thru the lock down people driving around like absolute fools trying to road rage everywhere. Glad I have a super bike to get away from the idiots.I don't care if they want to get involved in a wreck just please be as kind to give me .5 seconds to hit it & get away from the sorry ass that never head checks traffic or hates the fact that their car or truck can't go between lanes(legal) And can't even hope to come closer to accelerating unless they own a super car.I don't sped much 120 kilo's normal but I can hit 200K in a couple seconds to save my hide.

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58 minutes ago, Kerryd said:

Step back from the keyboard, take a deep breath, get a cold drink, kiss the (gal) and tell her that you (love/like/hate/put up with) her, take another deep breath, then sit down at the keyboard again (or watch a movie - something with kittens and puppies and fuzzy bunnies maybe).

When I came out from Villa Market today and turned onto Sukhumvit, I was amazed to see a single vehicle between the Little Walk and the Highway 7 overpass. This was what, noonish on a weekday ?

Didn't encounter any whacky drivers (well, there were to two punks on a small CBR style bike with a modded exhaust - no helmets or masks - but even they weren't being as crazy as one might expect, driving-wise).
Other than that, it was pretty mellow riding around today. I should be able to go a few weeks without even having to open the front gate, though the occasional trip to the 7-11 at the front of the village may be in order. You know, to pay the water bill and such !

Not too fussed about much - until the end of next month when my Extension is due for renewal. If we are still locked down then, that would probably mean the :hit-the-fan:in a major way. 
Maybe they could use those "smart cars" to go to people's homes and process their Extensions through the gates (or by tossing sealed bags of paperwork back and forth until Immigration is satisfied all is OK and grants your Extension).

Now, where was that movie with all the cute, fuzzy animals ? Oh right - The Walking Dead Season 10. Just the thing to calm a person down !

Love the last bit

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This is so bizarre considering 30 cases. Especially if u consider other numbers like road casualties or flu... Then mentioned immigration office 😎🤔

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3 hours ago, mauroest said:

You must provide 1 copy of this document, a copy of your ID card or passport and work permit (for
foreigners) to the screening staff as evidence.

Oh great, a trip to the copyshop with 42938 other poor souls. If you got a work permit, which I'm sure given the demographics of Pattaya everybody has.


I'm glad they thought this one through.

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16 hours ago, Traubert said:


What we have is a respiratory disease that gets one in 120,000 people.  Mainly elderly.



so it will only 'get' 65,000* worldwide. phew! that's a relief. thanks. I thought it was going to be a lot worse than that. some have the number at 87000 already, so must have been over 12,000 bodies ago. can we go out now?

* based on world population figure of 7.8 billion.

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