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Wanted! Video chat German teacher; Make some money from home during Covid!

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Great chance for me to set some time(2 hours) 5 days a week aside to learning German now that my Khru is away in Issan. And a Great chance for anyone who would otherwise be stuck at home to earn some 'tang on the side. 


About the client: I am a young-middle aged male that served as exchange student in Stuttgart almost 10 years ago. My German is quite rusty to say the least, but I could probably still order food and have a slight conversation if I put my mind to it. I could test into A2 at Goethe I'm sure but the classes are mainly Thai wives getting taught Thai>German instead of English>German in the beginner classes. 


Looking for: Either a native speaker that has any experience(references) teaching a foreign language, or a (Thai) teacher previously working at Goethe/language school with minimal English is okay. In fact, I would actually prefer learning from someone that doesn't speak much English. Pay is negotiable depending on experience, hours are flexible as I own a company in Thailand and don't physically work or have to maintain a set schedule.  


freue mich zu lernen!



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