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Immigration set to announce automatic visa extensions and suspension of 90 day report

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13 minutes ago, lopburi3 said:

He very clearly stated where he got his information - directly from immigration officers.

But he posted this with certainty before it was signed.....must have been a high ranking immigration officer......or do you think he was just hanging out at the office when they came out of the meeting.....

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A most welcome news...On behalf of all foreigners in the kingdom, Thank you Immigration department and may the spirit of compassion and understanding will prevail and expand to other departments havin

and thanks to Richard Barrow who has been Tweeting photos of the long lines with zero social distancing at various immigration offices for the past weeks.        

Needless to say that I'll keep doing my 90-days reporting on time (via post) just to be on the safe side 😐

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6 minutes ago, lopburi3 said:

We are waiting on further information but do not believe it has anything to do with a visa expiration date but much more likely permitted to stay until date.

permitted to stay would make sense, and would mean anyone that overstayed in the last 12 days wouldn't be punished.


but how often do things make sense?

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"Love in the Time of Covid" has not been kind to the poor hoards of tourists (including their children) who have found themselves locked down and also, now, pretty much abandoned. This is not on. We have all said it and frankly, had it not been for Richard Barrow, not much would have been done to spread the voice of the happless - not all are working for the NED and other miscreants causing mischief and mayhem. Once the airlines start to work and run some flights, the burden on the government will be reduced but a hard lesson will have been learned and many horrible memories to go with them.  Good luck to all and again, a big thank you  to Richard Barrow (not related).

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4 minutes ago, teatime101 said:

He's been providing a wide range of information about Thailand for a very long time. He's also been pushing hard for a visa amnesty and *some people in the government do take notice of him, for better or worse.

Looks like Thai Visa certainly believed him before it was a done deal.....very dangerous journalism indeed! 

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Richard Barrow has been good to Thailand and judging by his love of the country, vice-versa. This is good and I would hope that each country has a Richard Barrow in times of need. One has to thank Mr. Prayut for doing the needful and for doing WHAT WAS RIGHT. We haven't hear much from the grand-poohbahs in their embassies sitting in their air conditioned offices helping their citizens.

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8 minutes ago, Scott Tracy said:

I believe Katy Price is also a popular blogger.


According to a popular blogger, Immigration is set to announce....


give me a break. We believe bloggers now?

Is that Tomato ketchup on the side of your face?


UPDATE: PM Prayut Chan-o-cha today signed an executive order granting visa amnesty to foreigners left stranded in Thailand by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.


The order, released by the Ministry of Interior, grants “special permission for some classes of aliens to stay in the Kingdom.”


It was signed by Prayuth and head of the Ministry of Interior, Anupong Paochinda.


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21 minutes ago, greggraham said:

So RB hyped everyone up saying, I quote, "VISA AMNESTY FOR EVERYONE" and "Everyone who is in Thailand legally will have an automatic 30 day extension", but according to folks on twitter it seems like only for those who's visas expired after March 26th..? 


Best wait for the official translation I guess. 

Here's two previous posts which make it very clear who / which visas etc., are covered by this latest order:






The official English language translation from the ministry should be published very soon. 

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Wow, so many negative nancies here attacking anyone that is just trying to help. Lots of very very sad and pathetic people in Thailand, I feel sorry for them.  Here is what is posted elsewhere on TV:





And on a news site (not sur e if this one is banned, I will know if post is deleted:


BANGKOK — Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Wednesday signed the plan to grant automatic visa extensions for foreigners residing in Thailand to April 30.

According to the announcement published this afternoon by the Ministry of Interior Affairs, foreigners who entered the kingdom with visas, visa on arrival, or through visa waiver programs will be granted an extended stay from March 26 to April 30.

The 90-day reporting is also suspended until April 30. Those who entered Thailand by border permits are allowed to stay in the country until the border checkpoints are reopened.

The order is set to come into effect when it’s published in the Royal Government Gazette.



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9 hours ago, zoza said:

I have never done my 90 day by post, but does it not entail going the post office (soi 5) and also getting all the documents copied (soi 5 or any copy shop) not sure how many documents/stamps ect and if it can be done in one venue? totally the first for me, I have had iffy experience's trying to use the online method for basically anything re Immigration? but I am no Techy

by any stretch. and its a shame as the 90 day report is the Dogs B****cks 

of any of my dealings with Immigration.


To the left of Immigration parking area there are a couple tables set up where you can get everything done for you; copies, photos, forms filled out and ready for the Immigration officer. Cost about 150 baht. If lines are long you might want to cough up a much larger amount for them to run it in for you and be on your way quickly.

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36 minutes ago, Tanoshi said:

Absolute nonsense!

Not the documents, the bank fee.

The same requirement for a 12 month bank statement + letter costs 200 baht at Bangkok bank.

The bank do not have to supply the photocopies.


For your information it is not 12 x monthly statements Thai banks issue.

It is one statement covering a 12 month period, be it one, two, or 3 pages.

Some banks charge 200 baht each for the letter and statement.


When was the last time you renewed your visa? I am trying to find some documentation immigration gave him, upon his visit in February. I am not making this up. 

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25 minutes ago, lopburi3 said:

We are waiting on further information but do not believe it has anything to do with a visa expiration date but much more likely permitted to stay until date.

Obviously their goal is not to cancel any outstanding penalties you might have if you are in overstay status. But maybe you become part of the 30-April + 30 + 30 automatic group once you pay up to bring your current overstay status into legally permitted to stay.

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13 minutes ago, shinawhat said:

Looks like Thai Visa certainly believed him before it was a done deal.....very dangerous journalism indeed! 

Why do you have such a big chip on your shoulder?  If the blogger is wrong, then he's wrong. We'll find out soon enough without you having to project all your negativity here. Were you wronged by another blogger or by Thailand and it's making you so mad that you have to <deleted> all over this forum?

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