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Immigration set to announce automatic visa extensions and suspension of 90 day report

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5 minutes ago, EricTh said:

Is one year non-O visa considered 'permanent resident'? 


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A most welcome news...On behalf of all foreigners in the kingdom, Thank you Immigration department and may the spirit of compassion and understanding will prevail and expand to other departments havin

and thanks to Richard Barrow who has been Tweeting photos of the long lines with zero social distancing at various immigration offices for the past weeks.        

Needless to say that I'll keep doing my 90-days reporting on time (via post) just to be on the safe side 😐

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1 hour ago, kotsak said:

I can't recall having any issues in the past when I had to use the postal service for 90-days reporting . I always prepare the return envelope affixed with a 10 baht stamp and make sure I send in my application 2 weeks before deadline via EMS. And always keep a copy of the original 90-days receipt in case things go south.😆

Same with me when my only office was Soi Suan Plu in Bangkok it must have been for 2 years I used the post office never a problem ,just remember the stamped addressed envelope.

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And I await to see if this will be for all foreigners staying in Thailand, and include those from Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia.....

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8 minutes ago, EricTh said:

Is one year non-O visa considered 'permanent resident'? 

Not on your life is it PR, its just another Visa in the long line of Visa's which can be extended or an extension of stay applied for, of course with Funds.  But Permanent Resident an "O" is not......

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19 minutes ago, spidermike007 said:

This is an astonishing day in Thailand. Immigration, perhaps the most backward, inefficient and xenophobic organization in the nation, is actually considering something that will improve the quality of life for foreigners, and especially for ex-pats. This is amazing. This day may actually go down in history. After all, when was the last time they made a gracious gesture towards us?


I have been predicting for some time, that this Covid shutdown will instill a bit of humility into this arrogant unit. Perhaps it has. Hooray for that.  

don't get your hopes up, nothing is announced and the last one came with 10 new requirements


making other people suffer is a pleasure for others

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11 minutes ago, EricTh said:

Is one year non-O visa considered 'permanent resident'? 

we are all tourists


but the lucky one's seem to look down on other people for not getting an extension (rogue IO comes to mind, useless extra documents) hence the need for some of us to go beg for a non-o multi in another country as in country immigration denies us, unlucky few, even to be with our family in a DESCENT manner

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2 minutes ago, anchadian said:
And so it continues....
URGENT: The temporary Bangkok Immigration office at Muang Thong Thani has already closed. They couldn’t cope with the large number of stranded foreign tourists that keep coming every day to extend their stay and pay overstay fines. Please try tomorrow #COVID19 #โควิด19 #Thailand

so you make the long trip to that office far far away


risk your health & life and if you DARE to show up after 10.30 am, off you go, cu tomorrow ?


I hope news like this SPREAD to the world and real tourists never come back


well the horny 2 week millionaires will for sure

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1 hour ago, Speedo1968 said:

I see a number of people saying that the post office doesn't have 10baht stamps, why can't you use 4 x 3baht stamps ?

Because 3x4 doesn't add up to 10 so they can't accept it,don't you understand?

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58 minutes ago, Peter Denis said:

Hmmmm ... I detect some discrepancy between the message you posted praising Immigration for how they handle the present situation and the motto under all your posted messages reading 

> My tolerance for idiots is extremely low

think what you like - here's a clue 


Now missing health minister 


now run along and catch up with the program

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2 hours ago, webfact said:

the Immigration Bureau has put forward plans to grant all foreigners in Thailand an automatic 30 day visa extension

So how is this likely to work in practice in the case of non-immigrant retirees or spouses of Thai nationals? My latest annual retirement extension permission to stay, for example, is due to expire on 11th August. Would I then get an extra 30 days automatically until 10th September without having to toddle along to Immigration with reams of paperwork? And what would then happen on 10th September - do I get a further automatic extension until 10th October? Etc, etc, etc??

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