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Huge queues filmed at Pattaya immigration

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Huge queues filmed at Pattaya immigration
Video screenshot
A Thai woman posted a 30 second video of a huge queue stretching all around the road at Pattaya immigration this morning.
Hundreds of foreigners were queueing for visa extensions for the second day running. 
People were standing in the street a little apart but it could hardly be described as social distancing.
The scene inside the facility was revealed as crowded and chaotic yesterday.
Songkran Soychit posed the pertinent question to the authorities: "What if someone comes down with the virus as a result of this and dies?"
The post was viewed 11,000 times and shared 168 times. 
Pressure is mounting on immigration to issue automatic visa extensions to stop such irresponsible and chaotic scenes. 
But the waiting for decisive action goes on not just for tourist visa extensions but matters like 90 day address reports that many expats see as pointless anyway and particularly stupid to be enforcing at this critical time. 
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-04-08
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The "what if" is most likely to be replaced with a "when" if this carries on much longer. It really can't be that hard to accept that these folk came here legally, and given the situation, should

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8 minutes ago, PerkinsCuthbert said:

Are you talking about your generation?

Dont worry, 'The kids are alright'

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