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Thailand reports 111 new coronavirus cases, 3 more deaths

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And that's excluding asymptomatic but tested positive in two reference labs and also excluding any positive tests in private hospitals that have not been verified by those labs, which belong to MoPH a

I think it was unrealistic to expect a continual downward spiral. Every country, every day has big ups and down, though the trend over the last few days has been encouraging. We have moaned about insu

There was obviously going to be a rise today (and most likely followed by a smaller rise tomorrow) to justify the 24 hour curfew over Songkran.   These figures are whatever the Government wa

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56 minutes ago, smedly said:

it is meaningless unless the number of tests done are also published

And the number of "Probable", i.e. those that have been tested positive, but not yet confirmed by the two reference labs. It's likely a fairly large number.

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31 minutes ago, Number 6 said:

Yeah that was a bit of a laff. Number was down on one day could have been a thousand reasons. Hailed as a turning point. Dog and pony show effective.

Holiday on Monday, so maybe they did not work and test, and the ones they had were results from pending that came in, who really knows.  It's a giant <deleted> shoot with clarity.

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1 hour ago, Guderian said:

It's more of a problem for those between 30 and 60 years of age rather than the pensioners, possibly because younger people think nothing can hurt them and so often ignore the self-isolation and social distancing guidelines.




if you would care to find and digest % death rates among the various age groups you would, perhaps, understand the confidence of those in the younger groups.



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1 hour ago, wasabi said:

Would be helpful to know the provincial breakdown. Since there is a delayed effect to having symptoms and being tested in most cases this could be the wave that likely occurred when people fled BKK a few weeks ago.

Breakdown by Province can be found on the Dept. Of Disease Control website... http://covid19.ddc.moph.go.th/en


The confirmed CV19 numbers are questionable in the highly populated Isaan Provinces given their laissez-faire attitude to rules and regulations in the villages.

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1 hour ago, Guderian said:

Age and sex distribution of confirmed coronavirus cases in Wales

Female aged 10 and under: 0.3%

Male aged 10 and under: 0.4%


Female aged 10-19: 0.6%

Male aged 10-19: 0.6%

Female aged 20-29: 6.3%

Male aged 20-29: 3.6%


Female aged 30-39: 8.3%

Male aged 30-39: 4.7%


Female aged 40-49: 11.1%

Male aged 40-49: 6.1%


Female aged 50-59: 11.6%

Male aged 50-59: 6.9%


Female aged 60-69: 5%

Male aged 60-69: 5.2%


Female aged 70-79: 4.6%

Male aged 70-79: 7.7%


Female aged 80-89: 5.3%

Male aged 80-89: 6.6%


Female aged 90-99: 2.6%

Male aged 90-99: 1.5%

This shows that in Wales most of the under 40's are out chasing sheep

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1 hour ago, dinsdale said:

One has to question the last two days figures and indeed every days figures. So much for you guys who believe the figures and saw 32 as turning the corner. 

I agree. Were people just sleeping on the job or were they not processing tests quickly enough? 


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2 hours ago, ThailandRyan said:

I will ask that pertinent Question? So now are we seeing that possible uptick in numbers from those who failed to heed warnings and still socially gathered in violation of what they were told.  Or from those that still gathered in groups either on the beach or in bars, which id not shut, or from still running around without personal safety at thought.  Could these also be the first numbers from those that traveled home to the provinces?  Just a few Questions as there is no listing, or is it a release from the tests that have been backlogged....

You should never take 1-3 days of figures as a trend with COVID-19. It's better to look at 1-2 weeks to determine a trend, and that's due to many factors 

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