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Virus drains Thailand of 8.5 million visitors

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6 hours ago, SupermarineS6B said:

Yeah it's called jealousy......  You know that box on the immigration form that asks, "Passport valid for which countries" ?.............. Mine says ALL ........... Don't know about yours........ 

Jealousy lol. Maybe 50 years ago, when a bin man in US earns 10 times more than his equivalent in Asia, solely due to the exchange rate. Today, I see people in queues begging for food in what is supposed to be the No.1 country in the world. Am I jealous? Most assuredly not. 


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And the rest are stuck at immigration offices  trying to submit useless bits of paper !!!!

Surprised there are so many foreigners left. Do the TaT have anything to do with these figures?

I'm sure the slingshot posse will be happy...

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The sad fact is tourism is not really going to come back until there is a vaccine.  They aren't going to let people in when this pandemic is i n full swing, possibly starting this all over again.  

Could I be wrong?  Sure, things are changing fast.  

But I struggle to see how under any scenario people will go to Thailand in the next two years.  The numbers will be horrifying and not just Thailand - worldwide.  

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