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PM Prayuth signs order to grant visa amnesty to foreigners in Thailand

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Why pussyfoot about? There are many stuck here who do not fall into the after March 26th bracket, who will still have to solve their situation, leading to more queues at immigration. A step in the rig

Title text: "grant visa amnesty to foreigners" Article text: "special permission for some classes of aliens to stay in the Kingdom."   Not quite the same is it. 

I love the title. I guess we were all visa criminals then.   This one is nice too: 'some classes of aliens'. Classy, even. Good thing I'm a Hi-So alien.

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1 hour ago, samsensam said:

an announcement about an announcement...


49 minutes ago, lamyai3 said:

Thailand's the hub of announcements about announcements and hubs. 

Hub Hub Hooray.

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1 minute ago, Tropposurfer said:

The English text says 90 reporting included in this amnesty.

where did you saw the English text..... be so kind and post it

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What about when the one-year (marriage) visa expires and needing to renew?


Still have to go to the embassy and all that or what?


What about when this Coronavirus thing is over, do we have to do all that paperwork we did the very first time we applied for the visa all over again?

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Well lets just say they are very optimistic if they think this is going to be over by April 30th.

What happens after that?

Wait another 3 weeks for another announcement and wait for another signature?🤔

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29 minutes ago, sapson said:

Bucket loads of cash cures most problems, sometimes not health issues, in this country and allows for a fantastic life here, sadly some of us dont have that luxury.

Not really a luxury....more like waste of money 😁

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