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PM Prayuth signs order to grant visa amnesty to foreigners in Thailand

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Why pussyfoot about? There are many stuck here who do not fall into the after March 26th bracket, who will still have to solve their situation, leading to more queues at immigration. A step in the rig

Title text: "grant visa amnesty to foreigners" Article text: "special permission for some classes of aliens to stay in the Kingdom."   Not quite the same is it. 

I love the title. I guess we were all visa criminals then.   This one is nice too: 'some classes of aliens'. Classy, even. Good thing I'm a Hi-So alien.

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13 minutes ago, Condog97 said:

I dont understand why everyone gets so worked up about the whole thai visa procedures... I personally think it's very genourous (coming from the UK anyway). 30 days for absolutely nothing and another 30 for about £20! Imagine being a thai and wanting to visit the uk... that would be a massive deal of paperwork and loopholes to have to jump through! The post clearly states (for all tourists who's visa's expired on or after march 26th) if you dont fall into that category then you've already overstayed your visa atleast 14 days... so I'm assuming 99% of people will fall into that category. If not, then what the hell were you thinking... ''oh, I'll just wait and hope the government allows visa excemptions for everyone'' that's insane in my opinion.

You are mostly correct. However, the date does appear to address Non-immigrant visas (which fall under the wording in the decree of "temporary stay", and thus appear to be covered by this decree). These visas can run from 30 days up to one year. So those are quite a different case, and there are more than just a few.

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1 minute ago, Condog97 said:

What about a native thai who isnt married to somebody back in the UK and genuinely just wants to go on holiday they're. Its alot of paperwork compared to what we have to do if we just intend on visiting a country for a short getaway. I remember when I first visited thailand, I didnt need any proof of relation or support in the country, I didnt need to showcase my financial situation to prove I could support myself, I showed absolutely nothing... just arrive in the day with your passport and fill a flimsy card in stating where I'm staying and when I'm leaving. Super simple. 

They can. They just have to show the funds. Simples

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14 minutes ago, NanLaew said:

The Oompa Loompas!

"Roller Coaster, Pooper-Scooper, Oompa-Loompa, Kawasaki!":unsure: J.Carr

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15 minutes ago, timendres said:

What the decree does not address is extensions of stay. Those of us extending do not appear to be covered by this decree.

And nor should it need to. Once immigration are freed of the debacle and chaos that this situation has created, they should be able to get back to business as usual.

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1 hour ago, lovinglife said:

I arrived March 19th. So as things stand I do nothing this month and am automatically entitled to stay until May 16th? Just need to hope the flights are getting back on track by then I guess.

The order includes allowing tourists whose visa expired on or after 26 March to be automatically extended for 30 days

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