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10 items you should carry when stepping out

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18 minutes ago, Traubert said:

Wot? No bog roll? I assume we aren't sharing bum guns in these infectious times??????


Wet wipes are on the list .

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Sharing plates with others? What others??! There shouldn't be any others. Stay at home, order takeout, eat in. Don't be a fool.


People are infectious well before any symptoms and there are rising suspicions that many infectious people won't ever show symptoms. Therefore thermometers simply won't make a difference in protecting a crowd. Masks make a bit more sense but only if they are worn and disposed of correctly, if they actually stop viral particles (pff2 certified or better), and if they don't have a breathing valve allowing for air, coughs and sneezes to just fly out unfiltered. Without any rules and checks for masks in place they provide nothing but a false sense of safety.

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