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English translation regarding automatic visa extensions and suspension of 90 day reporting

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In these days of modern technology I fail to understand why 90 day reporting is needed . 


Currently any person in Thailand who is ordered to self isolate / quarantine , has an app downloaded to their mobile phone . Their location is known throughout the 14 days by tracking the phone , not new technology been around a few years . 

So what is so important , to the Thai Immigration , for a 3 month report when they can employ the same app as above and see your movements daily if needed ?   Hardly rocket science or am I missing something ?

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Anecdotal evidence suggests that this only covers people who entered and were stamped with permitted to stay by date after 26-Mar.  Anyone who got here earlier this year, and had extended their stay IS NOT COVERED. If you fail to come in you might get a NASTY SURPRISE that you will need to pay 500baht per day past your extension date PLUS 1900baht for a new extension. Beware. They have sneakily done a #BaitAndSwitch on people !!!



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