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China is the Winner - That is a Real Reason to Worry

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Simple solution. Rest of world puts high import duty on Chinese goods and compulsory quarantine.

Why would you worry because a country did all the things necessary to fight the virus? Would you be happier if more people died there?

So the right things are: 1) deny the virus exists when it is discovered 2) humiliate and threaten the whistleblowers  3) pretend there is no problem and encourage your citizens to trave

1 hour ago, FritsSikkink said:

You do know that the inhabitants of the rest of the world need to pay these duties and not China.

Ho doesn’t know in which province he resides so I doubt if economics is his forte lol. Sorry, just joking, couldn’t resist. Mods, please remove if against forum rules. 

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1 hour ago, UbonThani said:

Not if they dont buy. Once they lose their pricing advantage other nations increase output and get the sales. Put in a 10 year plan to phase out any power they have.

If the ROW stop buying Chinese made products, the economic fallout would be 1,000x worse. 

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2 hours ago, cornishcarlos said:


Anyone who takes this potential economic threat lightly, might be in for a big shock....

When you look at what they've done and the position they are in now, compared to the other major players, you'd be a fool to ignore what might be happening.

Very soon they will be in a position to buy up more (land, industry etc) than they ever were before..

Which is why others are looking to block them

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23 minutes ago, cornishcarlos said:


And they are smashing him at the moment... Lets see how he fairs in the middle rounds ??

I've definitely got China up on my scorecards after the first couple rounds !!

China will be Trump’s war cry in the coming elections. Fox News is going on a spree now with anti China sentiments 

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11 minutes ago, noone223 said:

Please, read & look in Sihanoukvile, Cambodia, Fiji, Tibet, Africa.

It's not racism when you see paradises turning into <deleted> holes. It's merely an observation.

So, they are destroying your personal picture of the perfect world, and taking away what you call paradises from You! I guess that was a personal opinion and that people has different views on that. I have not heard that the residents of either China, India or the rest of Asia has that view. Now we are talking of more than half of the worlds population.


For example, what has the Americans, Brits and Russians done over the years with the nice little sleepy fishing village by the great ocean called Pattaya? If that is not destroying a paradise, then it will be impossible to understand what might be.

Just admit that it´s the fear in you talking. Here the power balance regarding world economics might shift, and that will result in both Europe and US having lesser power to tell the rest of the world what to do. In my opinion they have been at the helm doing that for far to long, so any power shift in that area would be greatly appreciated.

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