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Covid 19- Insurance for expats

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If this thread already exisits, apologies....Mods please move, thanks


I started a thread the other day debating the Pros and Cons of returning to Europe(thanks for all the excellent responses)


However one thing that kept appearing were discussions about insurance(for Covid 19)


-Please share anything here re insuracnce policies for Covid 19 that you may have looked at, taken out, rejected etc


-Travel Insurance may or may not cover, it depends on several factors


-Plus if you stay longer than originally stated then your general travel ins cover may well not be extended


-One poster found a policy at https://www.roojai.com/en/covid/ but might not be for everyone, check the T&C's esp re length of stay






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Just what we needed another Covid 19 Insurance thread :coffee1:

There are 5 or 6 relevant threads immediately below yours at the top of this Insurance forum...... Could you not have read them first and then asked specific questions in those threads if you could not find the answer?

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