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Bangkok bans sale of alcohol 10th to 20th April

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In Pattaya I bought some beers at noon for a final hurrah tonight for me and the other half. I am expecting Chonburi province to follow suit. We haven't had a beer for a week, so 10 days without will be OK. Stocks already low in my local 7/11. How will the alkies cope?

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They are running out of ideas to make all of this more miserable

Ready set go... 10 days 😉 

Less alchohol during the Songkran period, with or without water fights will reduce socialising, and if it is only for 10 days, as in some places, not so bad. It's the danger of the ten days becoming a

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Just now, cyril sneer said:

this is true but it's even more of a challenge when exercise is forbidden too


it might be time to hit the pharmacies instead

That's a great idea! Feel good and lose weight at the same time, a bit like going to free parties in London in the 90's 😁

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Does not affect me. A lot of small shops where i live, will sell to me my afternoon beers anyway. Only different will be the transport for the few meters to my home. Have to use instead a plastic bag my old small backpack,  where a six pack of Big Chang can be placed easily.

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