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Bangkok bans sale of alcohol 10th to 20th April

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1 minute ago, cyril sneer said:

my partner has agreed to let me have 3 boxes during the ban if it means I will 'drink less'


i'm twiddling my thumbs now waiting for her to come back with them

He says with a sneer .....

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They are running out of ideas to make all of this more miserable

Ready set go... 10 days 😉 

Less alchohol during the Songkran period, with or without water fights will reduce socialising, and if it is only for 10 days, as in some places, not so bad. It's the danger of the ten days becoming a

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Just now, geronimo said:

They are ramping up the penalties for illegal sales so don't be so sure!

I am sure of this. Normally we also sit on special holidays when beer sale is not allowed, outside of the small shops, but beer is under the table. Police driving thru every day between 5 and 6pm here. On very problematic days, as it was on election days where high penalties was set, the owner asked us to drink beer at home only. Now at these days i stay at home everyday to practise social distancing and this would not be possible without a couple of bottles of beer.

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1 minute ago, Wiggy said:

I have 2 litres of whisky, 700ml of Jim Beam, 2 litres of Vodka and 3 litres of wine. I’m hoping that will last until the ban starts. 

That's 7700ml of liquid to finish in the next 10 hours - easy. 

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I asked at the beer/whisky depot and a few mom&pop shops here in the sticks of Songkhla, and all the sellers assured me that the ban wasn't in effect here and, even if it were, they had no intention of following it. Fingers crossed (and dripping with Purell!)

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2 hours ago, darksidedog said:

it is only for 10 days

You mean 11 days. It's the same as immigration is counting the days... Same, same but different !


Day 1 - 10 April

Day 2 - 11 April

Day 3 - 12 April

Day 4 - 13 April

Day 5 - 14 April 

Day 6 - 15 April

Day 7 - 16 April

Day 8 - 17 April

Day 9 - 18 April

Day 10 - 19 April

Day 11 - 20 April

Already heard that it will be extended till April 30 having it similar as in the neighbouring provinces.

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