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Bangkok bans sale of alcohol 10th to 20th April

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55 minutes ago, ChipButty said:

No 7 Days of Danger this year?

This year it is 366 days of danger in Thailand !!!

Alcohol ban or no ban, they are drunk any time of the day nor they have the brains needed to go on the roads.

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They are running out of ideas to make all of this more miserable

Ready set go... 10 days 😉 

Less alchohol during the Songkran period, with or without water fights will reduce socialising, and if it is only for 10 days, as in some places, not so bad. It's the danger of the ten days becoming a

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2 hours ago, Jonathan Fairfield said:

10 provinces that announced the prohibition of liquor sales are as follows: 


1. Sakon Nakhon, 31 March - 16 April 

2. Chiang Mai, 10-20 April 

3. Rayong 3 - 15 Apr 

4. Buriram 2 - 30 April 

5. Mukdahan 6 - 30 April 

6. Suphan Buri 4 - 30 April 

7. Nakhon Pathom 2 - 30 April 

8. Lamphun province, 1 - 30 April 

9. Chonburi province, from 6pm

10. Surin, 2 - 30 April

Maybe clarify by saying "in addition to Bangkok ?

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NEWS FLASH !!     Alcohol has just been found to kill the C 19  virus  !


I just drank 3 bottles .   Damn,  that rubbing alcohol tastes terrible


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Lucky I bought enough alcohol for next 10 days. In US there was prohibition too, and everybody knows what were results. People will buy today and/or later in dens. More restrictions and bans, less freedom. And there are people who support it. They should go to North Korea. Long live freedom!

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1 hour ago, BobbyL said:

Truly bizarre as usual. They treat the masses like plebs who aren't to be trusted one iota and I struggle to see what benefit this is going to achieve. 


Sent the info to my mates in England earlier. They literally couldn't believe it. 


I wait for the day this place actually becomes a normal society 🙈

Normal? The place is the epitomy of abnormality and irrationality

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For those that thought they could handle the full ten days and instead are a trembling mess by day 3 then hop the border to pattaya where sense prevails, well at least till 6pm.



Ooops border is locked down.

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1 hour ago, PatOngo said:

If you drink all that, you can always hop and the bike and go find some more!

Yes, as long as I’m wearing a mask I’ll be fine. 

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Now all the alcies feel what people who like to use some weed, being treated like criminals for a small pleasure. Fun to see 🤣


Someone mentioned domestic violence rising.. i would say lowering alcohol is knowing to make people  violent. So it would not rise but fall.


If they really keep this up it might actually curb the virus but 10 days is not long enough. People can still stock up and party and forget about all rules of social distancing. So its a non measure. 


This is not aimed at people drinking a beer at home but those who now have drinking sessions with loads of friends. So i see the logic if you try to stop people from socializing and so on. But it wont work if its just 10 days and not all provinces and no real checks. 


So its just an inconvienience. 

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3 hours ago, Tops said:

Already heard that it will be extended till April 30 having it similar as in the neighbouring provinces.

Neighboring provinces?

Which one has an alcohol ban?

And do you see what might happen?

"Smuggling" alcohol from neighboring provinces.

A neighboring province would be Samut Prakan e.g. where the airport is. How stupid.


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