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China reclassifies dogs as pets, not livestock, in post-virus regulatory push

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53 minutes ago, TheDark said:

I'm really curious why people can see cows as meat, and not see horses as salami meat?


Cows are clearly far more intelligent, far more dog like animals, thoughtful animals than horses.


So what is the point not to eat dogs, cows, horses pigs and chicken? 


Oh, did I just forgot to blank some of those animals from the list, just because I did not want to offend their cultural heritage. I guess I just did so.


Now do figure out, what type of meats are acceptable to eat and which are not.


Then expain each type by your own words.


This should be fun.


  Cows, pigs and chickens are good source of protein to the human race. Dogs are man's best friend. Horses you have a bet on.. I'm really curious where your from?.... 

This should be fun..........     


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In China man's best friend is also men's best dinner...

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Posted (edited)

Shenzhen may one day be the conscience of China.  The city has the most diverse population in China, best food, fantastic infrastructure, including more electric vehicles any place on earth, and is laid back with eateries opened all night.  It is more of a place to work and seek fortune than it is a place for relaxation.  

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