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List of Thai provinces that have banned alcohol sales

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Alcohol is essential because like beauty products it also makes our wives look beautifull and at half the price.

It makes the governors feel like big men having big control. Inflated ego syndrome..

LOL. Can it be worse than it already is? That boat sailed weeks ago...   I get it, some of you need your alcohol, but let's be logical about this. The only items that are able to be purchase

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1 hour ago, NanLaew said:

Absolutely correct. With regard to Australia, it was also a bit discouraging seeing the media making much of the public and even fire-department workers openly dissing their PM during the recent bush fires. They blamed the government and ranted about the PM being on vacation in Hawaii at the start of the outbreak. All this while ignoring the fact that the person in charge of NSW's emergency services was similarly indisposed at the height of their tragedy. The states raise money through taxes and fees for services and allocate what they see is adequate funding. When needed or requested, federal government gives money to the individual states but these states are still responsible for their own preparedness or otherwise.


Back on topic back here in Thailand regarding the booze ban. If the PM had exercised his SoE powers and mandated a nationwide booze ban, the same noisome malcontents bleating about Thailand's rather scattergun approach to this issue would be gurning about 'dictatorship' and 'police state' and other stuff of nonsense.


Please get a grip.

How did that get through? I thought I blocked this WUM years ago.

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30 minutes ago, nomad2019 said:

What is the rule ?  

Can drink be sold at all ? 

Everything is not made clear, we are getting different messages about this.

Anyone know.

A link please


What is unclear?

No alcoholic drinks to be sold, served or transported.

A thousand links but really too much.

Just be aware that every province governor can make up his own rules.


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So Khon Kaen is TT 12-17, but not in OP.


Good thing I stocked for 10-20 on first news of BKK.



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In the province of Pichit, where I live, many shop owner seem to believe that it is a ban to sell alcohol, but the province is not  in the list. 

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