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List of Thai provinces that have banned alcohol sales

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Alcohol is essential because like beauty products it also makes our wives look beautifull and at half the price.

It makes the governors feel like big men having big control. Inflated ego syndrome..

LOL. Can it be worse than it already is? That boat sailed weeks ago...   I get it, some of you need your alcohol, but let's be logical about this. The only items that are able to be purchase

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1 minute ago, steelepulse said:

A friend of mine who is a big wine seller says sales have never been better back in the homeland.  Alcohol and cannabis products are deemed "essential".  Some countries are a bit more civilized about letting their citizens bide their time with such things to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Once again, my question was why continue selling alcohol in a country where the sale of most other things has been banned? 


I would also like to purchase other non-essential items, but I cannot. Why make an exception for alcohol?

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3 minutes ago, Lacessit said:

Alcohol is essential to alcoholics. I might start running a tally of your helpful posts, if I want to replace one form of tedium with another.

Dude, you started the flame war by a smarta** comment before. If you want to keep it going, be my guest. I would suggest for both of our sakes you stop right now. Up to you.

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2 hours ago, cyril sneer said:

looking at most of those dates shows the ban has nothing to do with Songkran 

Songkran dates are 13-14. I know it's not a holiday this year but I guess many people will celebrate anyway but this ban will reduce many of these gatherings.


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Just now, Lacessit said:

Why? Are you the kind of person that enjoys handing it out, but not so good when you get it back?

Stay well and keep safe. That's the best any of us can do.


If I hand you something, by all means, hand it back. You started it with no provocation whatsoever. If that's your style, have at it, but it doesn't always end when you want it to.

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4 minutes ago, Canuck1966 said:

You need to produce a list of essential items, it's bound to be subjective

I'm not producing the list. The Thai government is. I'm just asking why alcohol should be exempted from the list. 

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