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So much for this tropical paradise people talk about. Take out the beer and the girls and there's nothing really here. 

coming to the end of isolation week 4. apathy has really set in now. I have lost all will to do anything productive. My days basically consist of eating, drinking and reading.  3 activities that

yes i'm gaining weight and have stopped exercising too. my day consists of eating, sleeping, drinking until i pass out. i don't read though, unless internet counts.   problem for me is that

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48 minutes ago, Liverpoolfan said:

so true mate. whats the point in staying home all day in front of a computer screen?

may as well be in Grimsby. 

surely things arn't that bad mate .... atleast you can sit on a porch/balcony and see a bit of blue sky

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29 minutes ago, Liverpoolfan said:

that fact that I no longer care keeps me from exercising.

I see no point personally.

The world is about to go into total meltdown before the years out. 

This goes way beyond covid-19. It's about humans and how their selfish ways have bestowed hell upon the planet and everybody else.

Dear god just because Liverpool are going to have the Premier league season voided and you'll lose your first title in 30 years theres no need for outright depression. Kloppers face will be cataclysmic when its announced  😂


Cmon boy you're from the city who invented bin dipping get active get dipping chop chop 🙏🙏

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35 minutes ago, bkk6060 said:

I actually started a very healthy diet when this whole thing started so feeling pretty good.

The mental side of it could be the breaking point for many.

I miss golf, going to the movies, eating in restaurants, having breakfast with friends, watching sports.

Just staying home and now saying your life has not changed, does not sound like much of a life to me.

Cant say it changed much, I still work so i normally would go out and eat at restaurants at times but that is not a must. I used to go to the gym and meet people now I do it at home not that much of a change. Sure the weekends have changed a bit. But not that hard to cope with. 

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11 minutes ago, tropo said:

It's the same for me. I'm always at home anyway. The only difference is the times I shop for groceries (used to go late at night), and no more eating out, which was only once or twice a week anyway.


As for eating healthier than before? Why has that changed for you? Are you trying to boost your immune system?


No Songkran this year, that's a plus.

Nah just slacked a bit the previous 2 months and decided this was a good time to change it up again. Nothing really changed. Though I do miss going to the gym as there was a bit of social contact and more equipment. But as you know my home gym is perfectly adequate. 

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As the saying goes... Up to you... 


I'm on walkies for at least 2 hrs every morning...

Bought an induction cook top... now experimenting w/cooking on it...  Searching the stores for what is available (or not)...

Have more vid than I have time to watch... Mostly watching youtube vids now... very entertaining... (as hollywood current crop is woke as sh*t and is garbage)


Not bored in the least...


Miss the pool (as my condo closed (and drained) it for the virus precautions... @)#@*&#@


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Unfortunately different countries are taking different measures with CV.


Thailand is taking some drastic action and if you look a the numbers reported, more people get killed on the highways each year.


So what is the cause for this drastic action? Maybe the numbers being reported aren't true?


The government can make this out to be the worst thing to ever hit Thailand, appropriate a 1.2 trillion CV budget, and every politician and general will ride off into the sunset with millions of US dollars.


The media isn't helping either and has brainwashed the uneducated into believing the sky is falling?????


Here in the US, more deaths and reported cases than anywhere in the world. But with 380,000,000 people those deaths are nothing but a tiny decimal place, well below cancer and others.


Some areas of the US have no CV, other large cities have it worse like New York.


I think we have had 18 positive cases where I live in a county of 600,000 people. 


99% of the businesses are open.


Lots of food.


Gas is going lower every day.


First round of government $1,200 stimulus checks going out.


Get to work from home, which is the best thing ever. No more having to sit in 10 meetings a day for no apparent reason.


People in general are keeping their social distance and just seem to be behaving nice than ever.


I am sure different people with different circumstances are taking it hard.


I personally would not want to be in Thailand, trusting the current gov't to make the best decisions for the people. 



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1 minute ago, varun said:

 - you make it sound like it's the apocalypse.

What makes you think that it isn't?

I'm looking for any sign of positivity that I can hold on to but nobody as of yet has shown me any.

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1 hour ago, Muzzique said:

So much for this tropical paradise people talk about. Take out the beer and the girls and there's nothing really here. 

How's Scunthorpe...?

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