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Cost of medical treatment

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Hi folks,


Sorry if this has been answered previously - I have checked Google - however, I'm looking to an answer for how much a diagnosis for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) would cost in Cambodia.  I've been told it would cost $200, which doesn't seem right to me. Any help would be appreciated, cheers. 

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A quick follow on from Sheryl's excellent advice. When you shop for a BP monitor check to make sure you get the right cuff size. I screwed up by buying on-line and received one that was too small. It fits Madam Moon's arm perfectly (who has BTW no problem with blood pressure at all)


If you're regular 'falang size' you need to check first.


Good luck.



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1 minute ago, olfu said:

And be ready to live with High Blood Pressure for rest of your life.

That's very negative thinking. BP can be controlled naturally if one is willing to make the right lifestyle choices. And stick to them.

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