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Samui tourists given a warning: Watch out for jellyfish on the beaches

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Make your mind up, what colour is it !😉

Portuguese Man O' War or what is known as blue bottle jellyfish.

The jellyfish are widely known as "maeng graphun khuat khiaw" - green bottle jellyfish.

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On 4/11/2020 at 11:08 AM, rooster59 said:

He advised using floods of vinegar for up to 30 minutes to treat stings.

I'm posting this each time when there's something about bluebottle jellyfish. These are the ones where you should not use vinegar

Bluebottle stings - myDr.com.au


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Some kind of "expert" he is........ giving out wrong advice!!!


He's giving out measures for box jellies.


If you are stung by a Bluebottle, this is standard practice.


Rinse the stung area well with seawater to remove any invisible stinging cells.

Place the stung area in hot water (at a temperature your can comfortably tolerate).

If the pain is unrelieved by the heat, or if hot water is not available, apply cold packs or wrapped ice.


Bluebottles are in fact groups of separate living organisms ... each one performing an individual task so they operate like one animal.

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