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Americans, Have You Received Your Virus Stimulus Check From Trump Yet?

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I'm still waiting on the IRS to fix it's mistake, putting my file under the "someone claimed you as a dependent" code.

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9 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

Still no new info on the get my payment site. Same "Payment Status Not Available" message.

Still the same false info on the IRS site. As far as I know nobody has gotten one unless they filed a tax return or used the non filer site.




Still the same advice on the non filers site that a person in my case should not use it. I am worried it would throw a wrench in the works if I tried it now. 

It still states this.


I am sure I would have problems since I am married to a Thai and would not be submitting info for her.


Has anybody gotten a payment recently?

Same boat here - neither a check or DD.  Also Status not Available from the start...

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Just saw this topic again in the sidebar.  I received my check on May 15, then 3-4 days later the Trump letter.  Around the beginning of May I had checked the Social security website and it stated my check was mailed April 24.  So took about 3 weeks.  Will have to wait to deposit after Thai post opens up to international mail I guess.  Bank will not accept until then, was told.  Last U.S. check I deposited here took about 6 weeks to clear... funds to be available.  Wish I knew how to get the Bank of America Check scanning app on my phone without a U.S. phone number, but seems impossible.  


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