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Thais in Pattaya forced to sell belongings to buy food

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Thais in Pattaya forced to sell belongings to buy food



Picture: 77kaoded
Thai media 77kaoded reported that many Thai people are in a desperate situation since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. 
The question for them is not if they have a luxury like Netflix - but if they even have a TV. 
In Pattaya they interviewed a man called Mana who was there to get donations of food and other vital supplies from a wealthy family who had prepared 360 packages for the needy. 
The packages included food, drinks, fruit and a mask. 
Mana said he had come with several other relatives. They were desperate as the crisis, like many families, has hit them hard. 
Picture: 77kaoded
He said that he was in the raft business but that shut down throwing him out of work two months ago. 
He got a job laboring on a building site for four or five days but that ended. Now no one was hiring at all. 
His wife worked selling items on Koh Larn. The island has now been shut and so she too is unemployed. 
Their meager savings have been used up. They didn't want to impinge on the generosity of neighbors.
They have pawned everything of value in the house. 
They got a few hundred baht for the television just so they could get their next meal. 
Now they have no money, no saleable possessions and are relying on handouts. 
Mana keeps his eyes and ears open for people donating food and supplies. Now they have a few days before things get desperate again. 
Both have applied for the government's 5,000 baht handout - both are still on the "waiting" list. 
The importance of if and when that money comes can't be underestimated for Mana and his family and many more like them in Thailand.
Picture: 77kaoded
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-04-13
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