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Pattaya: New lockdown to begin Thursday, new travel requirements for foreigners, restrictions to be eased on some businesses

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Pattaya: New lockdown to begin Thursday, new travel requirements for foreigners, restrictions to be eased on some businesses



Image: PR Pattaya


Thai media reported that Pattaya's lock down - version #2 after a dismal failure last week - will finally begin on Thursday at 6 am.


Today (Wednesday) will see what 77 Koaded described as a ‘soft’ lockdown.


Exactly who can go where and what documentation they need is being put to the test at eight checkpoints on Wednesday before being rolled out on Thursday.


People travelling in and out of the city will need a special certificate granting them permission to travel. The certificate can be obtained from any 7-Eleven store in Pattaya or online at https://www.pattaya.go.th/permission-certificate/ where both Thai and English language versions are available.


People who rent either a house or a condo in Pattaya and need to enter the city centre also need to show a copy of the ID of their landlord and their contact details.


In addition to presenting the completed certificate, foreigners who need to travel into Pattaya to work need to also supply a copy of their passport and work permit. 




The new lockdown will see a total of eight checkpoints set up at various points throughout the city:


  1. At Maryvit School
  2. Mini Siam
  3. North Pattaya Intersection
  4. Central Pattaya Intersection
  5. South Pattaya Intersection
  6. Thepprasit Intersection
  7. Wat Bunkanchanaran Intersection
  8. Intersection at Public Prosecution office


Each of the checkpoints will be manned by 27 people. People passing through the checkpoints will have their documentation checked and temperatures taken.


The checkpoints will operate from 6am until 10pm and will be in place until the COVID-19 situation in the city improves. 


Meanwhile on Wednesday, Pattaya mayor Sonthaya Khunpluem reiterated that most people infected with COVID-19 in Pattaya are either foreign nationals or Thais who came into close proximity with foreigners due to their work.


Thai news site Manager said that there are 2,800 tourists still in Pattaya. They are staying at 160 different hotels.


Many will be using a new app online on their phones to monitor their own health.


A field hospital may be set up at a large hotel that can cater to hundreds of patients.


Thai media has referred to Pattaya as the yolk of the egg - an analogy about it being a center of the virus.


Also on Wednesday, a Covid-19 meeting chaired by Chonburi governor Pakharathorn Thienchai and attended by other leading public figures in Pattaya decided on an adjustment to the measures about the use of certain shops during the pandemic.


Mobile phone repair shops will now be allowed to open along with building supply shops and electrical goods stores.


These were deemed to be important items the public needed.


But the Koh Loi bridge in Si Racha has been ordered shut until the situation improves.



*Update 16 April:


Thaivisa received the following report regarding documentation needed to pass through the checkpoints:

If someone is a Banglamung resident they do not need to fill out any permission certificate. Thai people just need to use lane 4 and show their Thai ID card with their address. Farangs need to show passport and address ID, ie Thai driving licence. Preferably these ID's should be copied and resized on A4 size paper. My wife and I went through checkpoint 7 today no problem at all to go shopping at Macro.



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-04-15


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