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Stranded and hungry in Thailand: German pensioner gets 1,000 baht from Thai man

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37 minutes ago, webfact said:

and whipped out 20 baht as proof.

who did THAT  translation ?      🤔🤔

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More info. on Surat and his clinic: 



Might be useful info. if you get down on your uppers for whatever reason, and if you think you're immune, well life has this strange way of punishing hubris.


But as for this guy, yeah, like Pravda et al, I'm puzzled as to why a German pensioner needs help. Seems to me he targeted and panhandled Surat, obviously recognised him and even had the bag with the logo all ready to hand, 



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After reading all the negative comments throughout the years........I saw these old homeless people begging for money.  I laughed at them and said, "FAKE!!!  Go home, Go back to Germany!!!"  


Turned out they were really homeless and really living in H...ll.  


Then I saw more homeless people and I yelled at them, "Get a job you losers!!!  Go back home!!!" 


They had mental problems, died months later after lots of suffering.



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