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18 foreign tourists arrested at party on Pha-ngan Island

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this lockdown is a joke. ALL my neighbours are noisey and blind drunk all night. Counting 60+ cars passing our house within a 3hour period and we are the second last house on the street. No one in the

Not condoning the Foreigners actions, but if it was a house full of Thai locals then the village dick  Head would have probably done nothing. I went along to the local 7 for milk yesterday at abo

"The Russian tenant of the house claimed that he had merely invited some friends round for a drink and chat. Police later escorted the foreigners, including the tenant, to the police station to b

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54 minutes ago, NCC1701A said:

not yet. but i am making a plan. 


1200 bucks is a pretty good time in Thailand. :clap2:

Not at the moment unless your into face mask fetishes

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13 minutes ago, NCC1701A said:

my maid asked me when i asked her to wear a mask "This real or like before?" 

She doesn't have the "naughty" nurse's outfit yet.

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humans are not good with "laws".  some like to be their own boss.  I'm never surprised people break these "rules" (in quotes, because in their mind they change the game until caught).


hey son, take the trash out!!!  i hate you, parents!!!  oh, ok

hey son, never watch that show.  wow, i'll watch it now

hey son, don't drink in a foreign country.   party all the time!!!


especially now.......i'm not an at-risk person, at all.  sure, it could kill me, but odds are low (IMO).  It's time to get back to work, since i don't consider covid my problem.  listen, if i had a problem, the world won't stop for me.  so take precautions and let's get back at it...

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