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'Absolute legend' British veteran raises $25 million by walking for the health service

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Don't make them like this chap anymore .. Salt of the Earth he is ..  A recognition of this achievement will come in the next honours list for sure ..  Captain Moore we salute you .. 

This is not going be to be a popular view point.  Good on the Captain, well played and he deseves the praise, maybe even a medal, but £20 million, really??  People get caught up in the moment and swep

This chap is a near a 100 yrs old and set out to originally raise a £1000 for his local health care trust to say thank you for recent treatment he'd had .. No one least of all him or his family realis

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Magnificent achievement simple as. Guy should be knighted soon as.


Its just insanity that the NHS relies on charity donations rather than funded by my inept government

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13 minutes ago, OneeyedJohn said:

Why was the hysteria 'stupid' ?

People loved her and were upset at her death.

No idea why :coffee1:

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25 minutes ago, Pilotman said:

it doesn't rely on such donations at all. It actually sucks up billions of Pounds into a pitifully inefficient organisation that just treats to the lowest common denominator due to lack of resorces, while its many useless managers are paid 6 figure salaries for overseeing that inefficiency.  let's not get too teary eyed about the organisation, albiet they are doing their best right now. 

Now you're blaming others lol. It will "happily" take donations all day long because Johnson and Cummings lap it up and positively encourage it. More money for the elite few

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15 minutes ago, The Word said:

How can anyone "love" someone they didn't know and would never have known?

Oh dear, you appear to have a very basic understanding of the English language.

Try reading some books, it will help.

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