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China set to lead Thailand's international tourism recovery from August: C9 Hotelworks

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Not gonna happen. The Chinese were the first to be "banned" from Thailand. Do they really think that slight will not be forgotten? There are simply too many other nations to compete for the tourist do

Well, if true, we need more tissues to clean up all the spit around us.

Be interesting to know if the requirements for a Chinese tourist to enter the country will be the same as those of a farang to enter. Somehow I think non thai, non chinese are about to become 3rd tier

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I don't believe any of the mumbo jumbo,the world's most respected countries are worried even to return to normality, shutting down even further down the line to prevent rebounds,I just read up the survey...it doesn't say how many people participated?? Which parts of China? Read. CNN's article




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16 minutes ago, RJRS1301 said:

Many countries will not be allowing their citizens OUT for discretionary travel for at least 12 months.

I don't know where you came up with that, most countries today allow people to go out, and restrict only non nationals on the way in, plus quarantine for nationals.


That quarantine will be lifted gradually and people will fly based on certificates.


The risk is further minimised at the beginning by the very low initial number of travellers, but you have to kickstart it somehow.


So don't worry, flights will restart with conditions such as empty middle seat, masks inside, certificates and so on.

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