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Koh Samui and the virus: Foreigners apologize for handout mistakes but remain undaunted

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15 minutes ago, Somtamnication said:

Agree with social distancing issue. But, police get involved? Xenophobia towards the migrants? Ridiculous way to approach this hunger problem.

That's not what I took from the OP


with proper controls in place provided by the authorities (as it is their responsibility) this is how it should be 


One question though, why are these people not wearing masks ?, are they unaware of the rules or is it a supply issue, either way the local authorities need to address the issue 

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38 minutes ago, LomSak27 said:

Social distancing ? Here is the real problem.  ..... dirty foreigners .... 

When you keep telling the lie, it becomes the accepted truth.

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This is altogether at a new level. You foreigners cannot do good in our country. You are all labelled as virus carriers in our environment of purity. How dare you foreigners help other foreigners who are starving but need to be protected from a corono. 

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