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Neither an apologist nor malcontent

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Yes, the number of Thai-bashing posts has decreased lately.  But there still are – many.  There are times I get so po'd at some of the posters here that I actually stop coming to the site.  Sometimes

this forum is full of haters.  there is a topic right full of comments about hating Songkran.    one of the first topics i started on this forum 8 years ago was asking about moving to T

I have dealt with more bile and vitriol on this little sub-forum than perhaps anyone else, yet I am still positive and still here.  I am the only one I have any control over and I control how I respon

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13 minutes ago, Yinn said:


I not know that feeling.

Everyone love Yinn to much. 😜


Negative people not like you BECAUSE you positive. 

When I admire you life, positive way, some member then not like me.


jealousy. Sure.

Thankyou help TVF be the better.

Yinn,  after i have got to know you a bit......   I am leaning on thinking that you might be ok   55

But you should understand that you do not really know what some members are like,

AND,   other people can have different opinions than you do.

Putting LABELS on people who do not like what/who  you do is not being POSITIVE.

It shows a lack of maturity.         I do have hope for you.

Not so much for the other guy   🙏

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21 minutes ago, colinneil said:

Genarally speaking farangs dont put up with been walked all over/ downtrodden like many Thais do.

Farangs stand up for themselves. Thai culture, bow and scrape before anybody/ everybody senior to them, never challenge things done or said by somebody senior, in case the senior person loses face.

Farangs ( me included ) can say sorry i was wrong, when do Thais ever do that?Answer never.

I think you are wrong “walked all over”. Never colonise by you farang. 

You think you will win, but in thailand, Thais always win.


We friendly, not weak. Is Thai national song. Sing everyday. Welcome to Thailand, but if you want to fight, we will win.


issan people a bit like you say. They not confident IMO, generally speaking. Your life is with Issan people= I understand you think that.

South people is not the same, askyour wife about south people, you not believe me.


You think Yinn not stand up? Pffft. The forum rules stop me.


Thai National song


The Siamese land well known as the golden land.
Establish this country with the great border.
Serve this homeland from clan to clan
We shall defend our native land.

Even sometimes we got attacked by the foes.
But thai people defend their motherland.
This is the land where people fight for them
Then we survive from clan to clan

This red blood shed after we die
But honor still alive and people have to pray.
Independent is pagoda to respect
We shall rise and stand together.

Protect the nation, long live sovereignty.
And we won't let, others take it away.
We shall Spray our blood until them flee 
Glory to our Siamese native homeland, Hurrah..

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2 minutes ago, CharlieH said:

That is something farang wont allow, being walked over by ANYONE.

Not strictly true, we are currently watching people being walked over by the elected leader in a "democracy". they possibly call it expedient, while they rake in the benefits (short term) of despotic patronage.


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1 minute ago, Yinn said:



A group of elderly men fighting over stickers and POTY every year. 

Is maturity?

You are right.   I don't think you remember but I was  the ONLY  one who turned down

a "nomination".      Those type of contests bring out the worst in people ,  and like many

things :    what starts out as "good fun"   turns into a childish pissing contest.



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4 minutes ago, RJRS1301 said:

Not strictly true, we are currently watching people being walked over by the elected leader in a "democracy". they possibly call it expedient, while they rake in the benefits (short term) of despotic patronage.


The main point being "elected" ! So we chose we didnt and wouldnt allow the alternative. 

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It is of course true to say that Thailand is bashed too much.


Thailand has many good sides. The people generally, with some exceptions, have a level of good manners and kindness that we had in the west in the 1940s and 1950s perhaps.


Unfortunately Thais also drive like we did in the 1940s, their accident rate is worse than most African countries. And Thais do burn their garbage, their fields, and the air quality, from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, is so bad as to be real problem. Thai neighbours are fantastically inconsiderate, running power tools and keeping 5 dogs, all lose and allowed to roam the streets and attack people and urinate all over. Thai speaker announcements at 6.30 am from the friendly monastery neighbours at full volume and including tasteful dance music. Police are even more useless in Thailand than they are in other parts of the world, and distinguish themselves by their total absence in enforcing traffic laws.


Living here in Thailand you of course are confronted with these realities, which you could never fully appreciate as a holiday maker. It would be wrong not to complain about them, because they are wrong, and they mar what could otherwise be close to a wonderful experience.


So you have to weigh up if the above disadvantages to living in Thailand are outweighed by world class massage at a low price, greater and better restaurant options (provided the virus doesn't put an end to that) again mostly at a low price, kind and delightful people who have impeccable manners on the surface, quality low cost housing, good weather and such.  


It's by no means a clear cut decision against Thailand, or in favour of Thailand. It requires deep reflection.

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