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What is BEST tutorial: Easy but Comprehensive Book/Resource to learn SAMBA: Connect to WIN10 Workgroup. And Setup SAMBA as Domain Controller?

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I thought that someone here might suggest the best resource for learning more about setting up SAMBA.


I want to practice and get more familiar with networking using SAMBA in the following two configurations:


a.  Join a Windows Workgroup in order to share files from a large HDD which is attached to Opensuse leap 15.  Having trouble setting up permissions in both Windows 10 and Leap 15 so that I can read and write easily from both computers.  (I am already able to share and read and write files through LAN connection. But, Windows asks for "sign in" to access some functions.  I keep getting the error menu which states that I cannot login. So, I don't have permissions set up properly on one or both systems (I think).)


b. Set up Leap 15 as a domain controller/server and then connect Leap 15 to the Windows 10 computer.


But what I am looking for is some basic fairly-short tutorial so that I can practice and learn a bit more about networking.  As you can probably tell, I have not touched Linux in a few years. Well, this is obvious.


I want to use YAST initially.  But, then need to become more familiar with set up using command line.


Maybe someone will read this and take pity, and then suggest a few books or internet-based resources.

I only use opensuse, and began using it about 18 years ago, and completely ceased using Windows until my work required me to switch back to Windows 10.


Anyway, I do need something, some Linux project, to keep me from going nutzo during my self-isolation due to the virus.

I never worry about viruses when using Linux.

I only worry about viruses when using Windows or when thinking about the Wuhan Virus.



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