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Chinese tourists set to return to Chiang Mai in July, tourism chief predicts

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1 hour ago, Mulambana said:

Let's be honest without any pretense. Most westerners come to Thailand for cheap sex, to call a prostitutue a GF, and possibility of marrying a prostititue. Why? Becuase they are utter failures in their own countries with low paying jobs, low pension, and possibly with a divorce becuase of their arroganices and know-it-all personalities. They don't have any significant standing in their societies and communities. They come to Thailand an become experts in everything and their arrogancies start to assert in a foreign land. Not all posters here but I can safely say 80/20 using the 80/20 rules that seems to be universal. 

This forum provides them an outlet to post their inner ugly thoughts about all things that don't look and feel like their own land and their uncles back home that they left behind because of their meagre incomes pushed them to the bottom of the societies.


"With one part of my mind I thought of the British Raj as an unbreakable tyranny . . . with another part I thought that the greatest joy in the world would be to drive a bayonet into a Buddhist priest’s guts.” George Orwell in Shooting the Elephant

While today's world desnot allow them to drive bayonet into people's guts, this forum provides an equiavelent of driving bayonet into other cultures and people of standing in those cultrues and societies. 

And here is one for enightenment.


That doesn't tell the full story.


The average Asian person (including Chinese and Japanese visitors) spends about 2/3 of what a European spends while on holiday in Thailand. 


The Chinese edge it because of total numbers, but per capita the Chinese are cheap charlies.


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Its like welcoming your assassin to your own funeral how bizarre the baht can make you🤔 

What can one even say? Tourism is not returning to Thailand anytime soon. If you think about it, the group that comprised perhaps 60% of all arrivals (lower to middle income Chinese and Indians) are t

we are saved! 

Posted Images

Thailand mean business.  Thai embassy visa section in China already opened on May 7, starting issue visas to Chinese.


They will come sooner that you think.  As soon as Thailand allows international flights from China.  In June, Thailand will allow inbound flights and Chinese will be the first group in with big numbers.

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On 5/1/2020 at 5:14 PM, spidermike007 said:

What can one even say? Tourism is not returning to Thailand anytime soon. If you think about it, the group that comprised perhaps 60% of all arrivals (lower to middle income Chinese and Indians) are the ones who have been hardest hit by this idiotic worldwide economic shutdown. Tourism in Thailand will never recover to even close to it's former levels, and that leaves millions out of work. Most countries will still be required to have Covid letters, as the virus is still raging in many countries. And some countries will not issue that letter (impossible to get in the US). Plus, will the mandatory health insurance still be required? Will it be even stricter than before? And just what are people returning to, or coming to? Will everything be open? How about nightlife?


There are so many unanswered questions, it boggles the mind. One thing is for certain. Thailand will be feeling the effects of this for a very, very long time. So will the rest of the world. And rosy projections are just that. They are based on less than zero. 

Or......you are completely wrong. Time will tell.

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Ask yourself if your country had caused this mass death virus would You feel like wandering around following a Flag advertising WERE BACK on your Holiday. Id feel as safe as Old WACAMOLE or someone Strutting into a Synagog in an SS Uniform with the way some folks behave these days. 

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