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Chinese tourists set to return to Chiang Mai in July, tourism chief predicts

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32 minutes ago, EricTh said:

So Thailand is welcoming Chinese tourist because their new virus cases are low. 

What about European and American tourists?

- Logical

- On the very red list for a long time !

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Its like welcoming your assassin to your own funeral how bizarre the baht can make you🤔 

What can one even say? Tourism is not returning to Thailand anytime soon. If you think about it, the group that comprised perhaps 60% of all arrivals (lower to middle income Chinese and Indians) are t

we are saved! 

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There will be some that will bring the experimental biological man made weapon with them, the CCP what to see how quickly they can overwhelm the world with just a snippit of the weapon released, step two full realease.....

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Oh NO! Not the Chinese.  They are the ones who caused all this Covid 19 mess.  Will they be checked at the airport and have to quarantine?

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1 hour ago, Mung said:

Germany has seen an increase in cases after having eased their measures some time ago. Here in the UK over the past 2-3 weeks, people have been less serious about lockdown and enjoying the warmer sunny weather; today we have shot up form around 4,000 daily cases to 6,000. I really think this is a bad idea wherever in the world lifting of lockdown happens, especially bringing in tourists from other countries, it's insane. 

Testing capacity has also increased, so cases going up is expected. No. of cases isn't really a useful metric other than for scaremongering. The important metrics are that hospital admissions are going down in the UK and (most importantly) the death rate is going down.

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3 hours ago, ChouDoufu said:


those will not be a problem for the chinese.


insurance is already cheap...... picc offers private policies similar to the bupa my thai gf has but about 25% cheaper.  the government could easily mandate some form of short-term policy with covid coverage at a reasonable cost.


virus tests are available on demand at the main hospital where i live, small city in hainan province.  cost about 1000 baht.  two airports (haikou and sanya) have direct flights to thailand, could set up test clinics outside the terminals, assuming there's a reliable 15-minute test.


flights won't be a problem either.  domestic flights are operating, and at least a dozen chinese-branded carriers already have established routes to thailand.  they have the planes and the staff, record-low fuel prices, and pent-up demand.  only waiting for approval from both governments.


the main problem will be quarantines.  trips to thailand are perfect for the chinese, only a couple hours flight from major hubs.   with visa on arrival a weekend trip to thailand is as cheap/convenient as a domestic visit to popular domestic destinations.  it's the  14-day isolation at either end that will kill the deal.


you needn't worry about many not having jobs for months.  lots of factories were shut down, migrant workers stayed home, but they aren't the ones taking trips.  much of the population still got their paychecks.  chinese are big savers, will often buy their cars or apartments for cash.  a trip to thailand won't dent their savings. 


be ready..........they are coming.

   Agree.  I sold 5 condos to Chinese--all for cash.  Cheapest was 3.25MB and most expensive was 10.5MB.  That's just me--one person.  Had one Chinese buyer look at a condo I had for sale for 7MB.  He liked it but wanted something bigger--in the 10MB range.  Usually, it's the other way around--they like it but it's out of their price range.  Ended up selling it to another Chinese buyer.  What astounded me was all the buyers, and several others that didn't buy, were in their late 20s to maybe early 40s.  

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